I am a former pediatric nurse and mom of two, who discovered my passion for design when our two month kitchen renovation turned into a (ahem...cough) three year home remodel. This turned into a relentless past time of helping family and friends with their homes, which led to Two Dears.

I love textures, architectural elements, mixing historied items with the new, and cozy minimalism. A home should tell a family's story. The sweet bunny with no stuffing in the neck? He stays on the bed. Home design should be about the pieces and things which you love the most. 

So let's start rocking out your home already, shall we?

- Jami



The Story of Two Dears

I had decided I wanted a name that somehow reflected our family. I thought of the two deer we saw in the yard every day during a recent vacation, which was such a special time for us. The doe with her fawn also felt as if it represented myself and our kids. The term "Two Deer" began swirling in my head. 

Days later, while I was driving and praying for God to give me a clear answer for the business name, the kids called. 

"Mom, can you pick us up some lemonade and cupcake mix?" I told my son that a lemonade stand with his sister on such a hot day was a great idea. He replied, "Yep. We're doing a lemonade stand, and we're giving you all the money we make so you can use it for starting your business." Boom. Prayers answered. 

Our beautiful... Two Dears.



Portrait Photography by Colleen Dustin